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Welcome to tantric massage with Sara in London.


*Last available spaces for 25th and 26th July*    *Now taking bookings for 15th – 22rd September*


 I help men, women and couples deeply tune in to their own bodies to access their wonderful sexual potential. My offering is a sensual, loving and nurturing treatment where you can relax, surrender and discover deeper levels of sensation in your body.


 The ability to receive touch and feel more is often dependent on the presence of the person giving. People can be limited by exploring intimacy only with their intimate partners. With me there is no expectation around your experience. I give your body the space and time it needs to really expand, heal and learn. Exploring with your partner/s is a beautiful thing, and sometimes growth and healing happens better either alone, or with the help of a professional.



My tantra training since 2016 led me through the valley of my own shame about my sexuality, my blocks to experience more sensations in my body and pleasure. It was a beautiful time in my life when I released my judgments and explored intimacy with people of every age, shape and size. While I am now happily in a monogamous relationship I can see the beauty in every human and I believe everyone is worthy and capable of love and pleasure. It gives me great joy to offer a space where my clients feel genuinely adored and honoured as they deserve.

 All sessions begin with taking some time to connect, and share your desires, fears and boundaries. This is followed by a full-body gentle oil massage to build trust and gently wake up the body. I aim to help you increase sensibility in every cell of your body to be able to create more sensation, healing and pleasure. The touch is strictly one way, you will just be receiving.


Tantric bodywork can help with :

Accessing more pleasure

Body shame

Erectile/libido Challenges

Performance Anxiety

Lack of Experience

Feelings of “neediness” around sexuality

Tantric Love Ritual for couples: A very special gift to your beloved, learn how to pleasure her/him/them as part of a sensual honouring ritual. This has been notably very popular even with couples who have absolutely no tantra experience, or where just one of the couple has no experience.


Sessions are between 2 and 3 hours long for individuals, and 3 and 4 hours for couples.


I have completed tantra massage and reconnective massage training with Jana Gabriella Fe at Abora Massage in her magical cave temple in the Canary Islands. Massage moved from passion to profession in 2019. Since then I´ve worked with mainly men and now a growing number of couples and women. I have learned with and assisted Jan Day for 5 years at Living Tantra as well as multiple personal development trainings from 2012-2021.


For booking and enquiries I look forward to your email at

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“Thank you Sara for the way that you treated me during our sessions. Your love and acceptance for me and the problems that I felt before coming to you were such a blessing. And two years after I can still say that I am a happy man, and my penis and I have a happy life together, free of disturbances and without expectations towards him. I would warmly recommend anyone to grant yourself the pleasure of being with Sara´s loving and healing energy. It will have a lasting effect on you!” Stefan


“With Sara I experienced in fact my first tantra massage, and it turned out to be a special one, a tantric love ritual given with my girlfriend. Sara is very friendly and open-minded so you can connect easily to her. That helps for a newcomer to relax and get into an amazing mood. During the massage, she knows how to make you feel comfy and she feels where to touch your body and is capable to control and distribute all the energy arising. Without breaking the flow, Sara knows how to finish the session, without making it end and I continued to enjoy the magic with my girlfriend afterwards. I will definitely visit her more often in the near future” Hubert

“Such a gift! Thank you for holding the space and gifting me your attention while guiding my partner to give me a 4-hand massage together. It was an amazing experience of a slow, paced build-up of attentiveness and lust in my body. There was a moment when heat was building up in my Lingam with one touch, and with another, you had it move through my body. Just to have more heat build up with the next touch, to move it again right after. I felt well held and alive. Thank you for skill, attention and devotion to Tantra, Sara!”  Christoph


“I recommend Sara very highly indeed. Sessions with her have helped me to get more into my body, and helped me be with both stillness and varied feelings, and her intuitive kind loving presence helped me learn how to receive support more deeply. In my experience, Sara has a compassionate and deep gift”  Sacha


I really liked the Tantra Massage with Sara. I always felt safe and taken care of. Sara´s tender energy is nourishing and comforting and made it easy for me to relax and recharge. Sinking deeper and deeper in the experience I enjoyed more and more arriving in my body. Sara´s touch was pleasant and adapted to my preferences. It was easy to communicate with her and to attune through the entire session. Ulrich


“It was a fantastic evening, I felt so in flow, connected and loving. Immediately after, my whole body was very sensitive and reactive to the smallest touch, with pleasure washing through me. And that from giving!! In the last days, we have been very connected and loving.

I loved learning new skills and seeing and feeling my partner in total bliss. I also liked the sisterly co-operation. I like that you hold the space, and are there, but without inserting yourself – it felt like you were providing a golden bowl for us to be in. I also liked that it felt natural, not awkward or overly esoteric. Definitely a wonderful shared experience. I was surprised how much joy there was in it also for me the giver, how held I felt.”  Franziska


“Thank you, for making me feel seen during our session. Your presence, touch and intuition made it very easy for me to let go, be in the moment and feel what was meant to come up. The briefing and debriefing in which you guided me verbally to explore

were very important for me for integration. I feel light, empowered in and with my body and ready to take the next step.” Katharina