Tantric Massage and Healing Bodywork.


Namaste! I first trained in psychotherapeutic massage for three years from 1979 and have now worked as an accredited body and energy Tantra bodyworkerpsychotherapist for over 30 years.

I have always been interested in tantra and have trained in tantra since 1995 with several schools in the UK, including a full singles and then a couples training; both of several years length, before training in tantric kriya yoga. Recently, I have travelled in India for several months to learn more of tantra-yoga, Kashmir Shaivism and the Shiva traditions of tantra. I am completing a book on tantric psychotherapy.

I offer tantric healing massage and tantra sessions based around a discussion of your needs and boundaries. The sessions can include tantra, tantric bodywork, yoni healing, G-spot massage, orgasm coaching and female ejaculation preparation. I have worked with many teachers of tantric massage, bodywork and sacred sexual healing and first trained in and practised yoni healing in1996.

My website www.shivoham.asia has lots more information and articles.

To talk with me call 07973 504121 or email shivamartin@gmail.com