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I am a Tantra Teacher and Love & Intimacy Coach practicing in Phoenix,Az.  I have been teaching and coaching for twelve years & I have had a love & passion for tantra for over 20 years.

I offer deep personal transformation to others thru my wisdom & energetic field. Having the ability to go RIGHT TO THE CORE of sexual dysfunction and restore sexual wholeness is a great passion.
I HAVE taught over 200 classes and workshops in the U.S.

The connection between sex and spirit has always held deep reverence for me .
The most important aspect of my work is to help you to understand the SUPERNATURAL nature of your body and ‘being’ and embody your unique sexual nature as your mission!

Identifying & Healing repressed past traumatic experiences is the key.

Then the real tantric practice begins.

Tantra Teacher


I offer many Love & Intimacy programs and ‘One on One’ private sessions for singles and couples.
I assist you to master the 3 aspects of ancient tantra,
The Mind
The Breath
And finally, The Orgasmic Nectars.


***Love & Intimacy Coaching for Couples

***Private Sessions for Singles

***Deep ‘Core Transformation’ Healing-

(For Transmuting Stuck Emotions into Feelings of harmony and balance)

***ADVANCED PROGRAM- Enhancing Pleasure for Couples- 8 Session Intensive

***LEVEL ONE THRU FOUR Tantra Workshops



Healing Sexual Trauma

Mastering the Art of Sexual Communication

Deep Emotional Healing Work

Tantric Breathwork Instruction- As the Key for transformation!

There is no nudity in the classes, workshops or private sessions.
Programs and sessions are available via Zoom.

Tantra practitioner Phoenix


Kundalini Reiki Master, Reiki Master,’Healing Touch’ practitioner, Deeksha certified and ‘Bio Touch’ certified.


In Love & Ecstasy,